It’s Here. (+ Urban Outfitters Shipping Review)


about two weeks ago, I ordered things from the Urban Outfitters website. Today, they arrived. And I am fricken excited. (We don’t have an UO here, which is pretty damn tragic.)

My mum kept the package on my bed so I wouldn’t see it as soon as I got home, but as I walked into my room…

Shipping wise, economy (the cheapest option from their website) is a whopping $30, which is pretty pricey, especially considering the box had a lack of comfortable cushioning. There were a few of those ‘plastic bags of air’ and that’s it… the rest of it were my items and empty box. I was almost certain my eyeshadow palette would have smashed because of the poor packaging.
But nonetheless, I’m still happy with absolutely everything I got, and it all arrived in-tact and OK. 😀

Make sure you check out UO if you don’t live in America, it’s close to heaven (some brands can be really pricey). And even if you do live in America (you lucky thangs) , the website’s still good for exclusive products and deals

Happy [Christmas] shopping- online and off!

(From all the advertising and decorations, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that Christmas is still a month away…)



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