MUST HAVE- Song Edition

Hey everyone!

In attempt to force myself to post here more often, I figured I’d regularly check in with you guys on things I’ve been loving… this week I’m sharing a song/band (that isn’t new, but amazing nonetheless).
This means I chat to you about beauty, fashion and random things I’ve had the time to enjoy and develop an opinion on, with out having the pressure of having to do monthly favourite videos on my YouTube channel (link above).

Anyway, now onto the song.

The band Walk Off The Earth has become my desktop background and first ever favourite band (I was never into labelling favourites when I was younger, too much pressure to love everything that favourite does).
They’re ever so catchy song Gang Of Rhythym has been on replay in my ears recently (and my friends’ too, since I can’t stop singing it!).

Here it is:

Red Hands is also well worth a listen… you may have already heard it on the radio! (The behind the scenes for the Red Hands MV is mind blowing)

WOTE is going places, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Know any good bands? Leave a comment below!

Valentines Day nail tutorial coming tomorrow!

Much Love,
Fishy (:


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