(Easter) Sock Bunny Tutorial!

Hello everyone! For many of us, Easter is tomorrow; beginning the 3 or 4 days many of us will spend with family and friends.
Just like Christmas, many young kids won’t fully understand the meaning of Easter, making it merely a time where chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs galore. And there’s nothing wrong with this, as long as when they are older they understand what they are celebrating.

In the meantime, these cute, colourful bunnies  are sure to brighten up any Easter celebration (it’s not customary to give during Easter, but why not?) and the best part? They’re so easy to make and with a sewing machine, (which I couldn’t use because my socks were forever shedding fluff) they can be completed in less than half an hour.

Step by step instructions under video

You will need:

* Socks (ankle socks will not work, knee-high socks will give a cute variation) (I used knitted socks but I recommend cotton socks if you want to make the bunnies quickly (as you can use a sewing machine))
* Fabric scissors
* Needle and Thread (choose a thread that matches the lightest colour on your sock
* Stuffing

Unpack the socks and take only one sock from the pair. Flatten the sock, the heel section facing upward.
Cut the toe-end of the sock in half, stopping just (roughly 1cm) before the heel section. These two flaps will be the ears. Turn your sock inside-out, then sew the open edges of the ears shut.
(While your sock is still inside out) cut a few centimetres of the open end (the side where there’s a hole to put your foot through) of the sock. These two flaps will be the feet. (When cutting, keep in mind that the bunny still has to have a body!) Sew the open edges of the feet shut **leaving around two inches of fabric in the ‘crotch area’ [ 😉 ] of the bunny open, so your bunny can be turned right side out and stuffed.**
Turn your right side out (carefully, you don’t want to stretch the ‘crotch area’ of your bunny too much… talk about thigh gap).
Stuff your bunny, pushing the stuffing into every corner! Sew the crotch area close. -Almost done!
Take the other sock in the pair. Cut a off portion of the toe-end of that sock (cutting straight across the sock). Then, cut that portion in half, just like you did for the ears and feet. These will be the ‘hands’
Turn the hands inside out and sew the long, open edge of the hands shut, leaving one end of the hand open (so as to be stuffed and turned right side out).
Turn your bunny’s hands right side out and stuff away! Attach the hands to your bunny’s body.
Finally, stitch on a nose, add buttons for eyes, pompoms for tails, be creative!
(Keep in mind that you don’t want to add buttons and pompoms on a bunny for a baby, choking hazards.)

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial; I’ll talk to you guys again soon- promise.

-Fishy 🙂


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