Autumn Lookbook 2013

Hey everyone!
This year, fashion will be seeing the return of many trends (who would’ve guessed 😉 ), including quirky but utterly classic patterns, and the bold shade that we all secretly love.

Skip to the end of the post for bloopers and behind the scenes!


Outfit 1 .:. “Summer Breeze”

☼ for those days when the sun is out and beaming but cool winds tickle your toes ☼

I love this sleeveless blouse. Olive is such a classy colour to wear in autumn, and the ‘studs’ make the blouse so much more interesting. We’ve been seeing a lot of metallic elements all over the runways, not only for autumn/winter but spring/summer too. Another trend that has sprung off the catwalk is black. Yup, black is back. Everywhere.
As for my cardi, I LOVE it’s batwing- it gives it an interesting draped look; and the sparkly brogues add a bit of fun to an otherwise simple outfit.

Outfit 2 .:. “Petals in the Storm”

As I said before, black has made it’s comeback this year. Heck, the H&M Fall/Winter fashion show featured and abundance of all black outfits. This kind of look can be hard to translate into casual wear [while remaining classy], so it’s easiest to add a bit of muted colour and of course, a bit of bling.

(PS yup, my necklace is backwards! oopsiees 😀 )

Outfit 3 .:. “Autumn Dreamers”

Haha okay… pretty tacky, unrelated title, I know 😉 Basically my dress reminds me of a cross between Jenn Im’s videos ( and Mat Miller’s artwork ( When I watch Jenn (well, that doesn’t sound creepy…) or look at Miller’s work, I feel like I’m in another world… a perfectly quirky dream ☼

Similar to this dream, this outfit is like a fantasy to me, because it combines some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe ^^. First of all, my dress is one of the first things in a long time that I’ve seen in a store, said ‘OmGosh, I have to get that.’ then actually bought it. Next is my infinity scarf, which, when the weather’s cold, makes a cosy world of a difference. Then we have my dad’s old shirt [yup it really was my dad’s], and well, idk I just love things that make me look like a hobo ^^. And finally, my panelled brogues, I love the little cut out on the sides, though they’re a bit flat. Of course, keeping to the black + metallic trends and to make this outfit a bit more weather-appropriate, I added these speckled tights.

Outfit 4 .:. “I forgot to add a title, oops!”
☼You’re a genius, Rochelle☼

Of course, we all have those days when we just want to slip in to a cosy jumper, curl into a ball and stay away from any mirrors and civilisation. Don’t worry, looking good on those days is easier than you think. Start with any simple jumper- maroon is a classic autumn colour- then pair them with bold leggings/pants [leggings are easier to curl into a ball in]. We’ve seen a lot of geometric prints [referenced in the triangular jewellery] and colour blocking on the runway, so I went with these panelled leggings. I know I feel uncomfortable wearing bright, busy pants on lazy days so it’s easiest to stick with neutral colours. For shoes, I stuck with my brown booties for an ultra-casual look. A high, messy bun never fails on bad hair days, and a quick tip to add a bit of flare to your outfit- apply a bright shade of lipstick then pat a matching shade of blush/eye shadow on top. The bold colour will give your lazy look a pop, while the matte effect tones it down a bit (super useful when your face has broken out- glossy, shiny lips do not look good with oily skin!)

Outfit 5 .:. “Dotted Daze”

I was never really one to rock polka dots, but they were scattered all over the runway this year, so lets be sheep, shall we :). I absolutely love this red/pink velvet skirt, which I borrowed from Gabi ^^ – I don’t think the skater dress silhouette is going anywhere soon! Sneakers are an age-old way to casualise an outfit and the studs toughen up the look just enough.



Have a fantastic season, whether it’s Autumn or Spring ♡

Much love & God Bless,


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