Transform Your Summer Look!


It feels like I’ve spent a decade trying to get this video up on my channel!
Anyway, now that it’s here…

Hipsters. They’re the people we love to hate [and secretly embody from time to time].

While I’d like to think I can pick on the people who look like they’ve stepped out of a tumblr page with a galaxy background, I do like some of the clothes they wear, I do dress like that sometimes [okay, a lot] and it takes some guts to dress like that knowing everyone with internet access will most likely immediately classify you as a ‘hipster’. But hey, aren’t the haters part of the fun?

In today’s video, Gabi (MyDreamsInABottle) and I will show you how to embody the little studded gremlin inside of you by adding different elements to your existing outfits and personal style.

#1 Go high-waisted
We all know the Hipster style loves short shorts. This means we have to avoid the denim underwear look (not attractive.),which can be done by adding the fabric missing from our legs, to our waist. Nowadays high-waisted bottoms can be found absolutely everywhere- not only in shorts, but in skirts and pants too. (Plus, high-waisted stuff hide your tummy when you’re wearing cropped shirts! weew)

#2 Beanify
Beanies add that magic little touch, easily translating any outfit to the casual and grunge sides of Hipster-dom. Beanies range in prices and styles, my only advice is to try before you buy! 🙂

#3 Go Graphic
This is probably my favourite step of all! Graphic designs can be found in many different stores, on different articles of clothing, suiting everyone’s style and personal preferences.

#4 Go flat canvas
By adding any flat canvas shoe to almost any outfit (converse, toms, keds – style shoes), you will be amazed at how it can totally transform your look [hehe] in such a subtle way!

#5 crop. cut out. stud. distress.
Here’s where you get to totally personalise your look [even further]. Crop an old top or pair of jeans, cut out the back of a shirt, stud some shoulders or pockets or distress some denim or thick knits.
Well, that’s all from me for now, make sure you check out my new ‘Strands’ collection – a gallery of stills from the Transform Your Summer Look series.

I’m sorry this post took so long to uh, well, post 🙂 I’ve been trying to upload a new video for 3 days now but my computer just won’t have it 😦

Much Love!
– Fishy


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