Cake Batter Fudge.

With my on going battle with the acne beast, fudge is probably the last thing I should be eating; but cake batter fudge?

jes plez.

Even better, this recipe requires 0 eggs, 4 ingredients, minimal effort and only 10 minutes (and uses cake mix from a box!).


Ahhhh I’ve been craving these all day, I can’t wait to get my hands on some mix and make these scrumptious little doodilies.

Want to learn how to make this glorious creation? Hop on over to Baked From A Box (and check out some other recipes while you’re there) and get cooking!

Well, melting and mixing.

Lets stare just a little longer…


I’m thinking of making these in a few days, let me know if you guys do too!

Oh and, save me a slice 😉

All images are from the Baked From A Box blog. 

UPDATE: I made these on Saturday and they were absolutely delicious! It was a bit sweet for me at first so I added a bit more milk (around 3/8 cup in total). What’s great about fudge is that you can taste it as you make it! Mine turned out a bit more yellow, as I used NZ butter and the result before cooling was more doughy than creamy. I cut the fudge into tiny bite-sized pieces so it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and made sure to serve cold :3 An effortless treat with delicious results!


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