Quirky Vases Apartment Deco


When I was in Quebec for a holiday, I tried my first Orangina. I loved it. And the bottle, not going to lie. I was looking for some way to incorporate the bottle to my room and thought, why not use it as a vase?


  1. Get yo self a bottle- I used my Orangina one and a beautiful glass bottle- and make sure they’re washed (you don’t want soda stuck to your bottle)
  2. Fill it up with whatever you please! I used deco rocks and acrylic paint mixed with water. I got my rocks from Daiso (a Japanese $2 store) and mixed a little bit of purple acrylic paint with water
  3. Cut your faux flower stem down to size and pop it in your vase!

bottle bottledos

These are great for tying your room together and adding a unique pop of colour 🙂

Next: The Smudgeless Face


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