Tie Dye Butterflies | Art / Room Deco


Who remembers splotching paint on paper and folding it in half? The colourful symmetrical print was so mesmerising, and probably got me into painting.

And so two or three months ago I relived my childhood and followed the whole paint, fold, unfold method and realised it not only created a blur of colours, but also created some veins in the paint. Immediately, this first thing I thought of was butterflies.


  1. Get a piece of card (I used tissue aswell) and fold it in half (with the page landscape for one big butterfly or with the page portrait to make many little butterflies)
  2. Unfold and splotch some acrylic paint on one half of the card. This is great to use up almost empty paint ūüėÄ
  3. Splotch on some white paint to avoid the colours merging into a muddy mess
  4. Lightly spread the paint around, this is just to ensure that every part of the card is covered and that we get some blending actionspread
  5. Fold the card in half again and firmly flatten it. Make sure you firmly push down the crease (where you have folded the paper) to avoid a build up of paint in the middle
  6. Gently unfold and leave to dry completely
  7. Once the paint is dry, fold the card in half again and sketch out half a butterfly wing in pencil (use images on le interweb for reference and practice on a separate piece of paper if needed)
  8. Cut out the butterfly and unfold
  9. Use a hot glue gun to stick your butterfly onto, well, anything. Just add a blob of glue to your surface or the spine of you butterfly, press them together and hold the wings in place while the glue dries. Using hot glue gun will ensure that the butterfly wings stand out (like, literally. 3D style :D).  I layered two wings on top of each other on a card and a few other ones on magnets

butterfly1 butterfly2

butterfly3 butterfly4

I also pinned (with sewing pins) a tissue butterfly on a block of foam with black felt on top.

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