On The Go

As a young teenager growing up in this impatient first-world society we have, I find myself falling into the hands of procrastination every. single. day.
But it’s not like my responsibilities in this world procrastinate with me, oh hell no. I have to actually emerge from my fish cave (my room) and be seen in public… and here comes the conflict.

As a lover of fashion and the owner of way too many clothes, I want to exploit my artisticness through what I wear.
As a teenage girl, what I wear affects how confident I am.
As a homosapien, what I wear affects how comfortable I am.
But when I’m in a rush, I have zero time to think about any of this!

So what do we do? It’s quite simple really:
Be prepared. Have some go to outfits stored in the back of your mind for different occasions!

These outfits don’t have to be as specific as “orange cat sweater and blue plaid pants”, but could instead a basic frame featuring styles you love (that you have in your wardrobe, of course), for example, “graphic sweater with patterned pants”.
And you don’t have to have a back up outfit for every single occasion possible. I found I had only five occasions that were worth while “preparing for”: a day out shopping/ hanging with friends, running an errand, going to the movies/ somewhere colder, sick days and going to a party. I don’t have go to outfits for formal events as usually I would spend at least an hour getting ready for a formal occasion 🙂

And so, here are my go to outfits!

1. Gone Shopping
When shopping I lean towards trend based outfits (hence the hipsterness gushing out of outfit #1 and the high waist / crop combo in outfit #2). I try to avoid wearing jumpers and dresses shopping as it makes it easier to try on clothes (jumpers prevent jacket wearing, and dresses tops/bottoms trying)

2. Quickie
A lot of the time I have to meet my family last minute for meals,  go out to buy just a few things, or rush from school to go to the dentist. Theres no time to think or second guess your outfit, which is why [loose] casual printed dresses are amazing. The fact that it’s a dress means you can just slip it on and go. You don’t have to see what bottoms go with it. The print keeps it interesting. The fit tones it down.
For a more “put together” look, go for the skater silhouette. Its fun and girly and fitting, but not quite formal.

3. Cold & Cosy
My friends and I will go to the movies or ice skating every now and then, meaning it can get preeetty cold. For me, thick leggings are the most comfortable option. As long as the leggings don’t show my underwear line (*shivers*), I throw on a cropped top (muscle style, of course) and grab a comfy jumper/cardigan.

4. Sick Daez
We all get sick, it’s how the cookie of life crumbles. And on those sick days, the last thing we want to do is go out and be in public. Ew. On those days, I like to pair a light, baggy jumper with fabric shorts (I find denim shorts a bit uncomfortable).

5. Paaaarrtaaayy
Parties are tricky (well, teenage ones, anyway) because the way people dress ranges from ultra casual to slutty-formal (let’s be honest 😉 ). I find that mixing a skirt with a cropped top gives the best results, as my outfit is completely individualised (ain’t nobody goin’ show up in the same dress) and this frame allows you to appropriate the outfit for the kind of party it is through colour and silhouette. Say it was a birthday party during the day, I might pair a baggy top with a poofy skirt in pastel colours. If the event took place in the evening I might go for a fitting top and a skater skirt in bold colours. If it were a night out, I might go for a pencil skirt & monochromes.

And so I say: never have fashion regrets again! (I may be exaggerating :3)
Do some spring cleaning in your wardrobe (or Fall cleaning for the Northern Hemisphere) and while you’re at it, try on your clothes, see what you like on you and put together some go-to outfits.
My advice:
1. Aim to be comfortable. You have time to form outfits that look good but are also comfortable, a luxury we don’t have on the go! If you’re in a rush, you’ll either avoid outfits with uncomfortable components or regret wearing that item when you’re out- defeating the purpose of back-up outfits.
2. Mix a pattern with a solid. Colour blocking and outfits with pattern-on-pattern take a clear mind and time to figure out when being applied to your own wardrobe. When you’re on the go, this golden rule will keep you safe from an outfit you may regret. The pattern will keep the outfit interesting while the solid will tone it down without clashing.

Basic jewelry, accessories and shoes are essential to have if you’re always on the go! Let me know if you want a video/blog post on my go to accesories (as featured in the video) 🙂

Much love as always!

(PS | Stay tuned for some Halloween tutorials!)


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