DIY Zombie Scabs + Make Up

Hey everyone!

Here’s my first ever make up tutorial, and it’s just a little bit extreme.

A bit.

“Photoshoot” here!

Step by step heree



  1. Prime your face to protect it from all the make up we shall be piling on it
  2. Use a foundation or concealer + moisturiser that is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. The idea is not to make your skin completely white but instead paler. (Remember to bring this down to your neck!)
    I used this BB cream (which I had bought then left under the sink since the shade did not match my face at all) mixed with a moisturiser, applied with a stippling brush.
    (All products listed in the description of the Vidtorial)
  3. Use a green concealer to cancel out any redness + blend
  4. Set everything in place with powder. Using a translucent powder will make sure you don’t add any warm colour back to your face.12
  5. To create our scabs, our secret weapon is cotton pads. To stick this onto your face, smooth some old tacky lipgloss, lash glue or proper make up adhesive (meant for zombifying) over a section of the area where  you want your scab to be. I used the strawberry ThinLizzy lipgloss which gives a nice realistic shine in the end result.
    Rip off a small part of the cotton pad and spread/flatten it onto the lipgloss.
  6. Repeat! I chose to have my scab running across my left cheek, down my neck, ending just below my neck.
    Make sure you keep some make up remover wipes handy since your fingers will get very sticky!
  7. Use a foundation brush to pat some powder onto your scab area. This will eliminate some of the tackiness of the gloss.4536
  8. Moving onto the eyes, prime ’em on the lids and under the eyes
  9. Apply some matte red eyeshadow just above your crease and blend upward. I didn’t have a red shadow so I used some red cream make up instead.
  10. Apply some of the same red shadow below the eyes, about half a centimeter below your lashline + blend
  11. Line both your upper and lower waterline and begin filling in your lid with a black eyepencil. I love this one from Catrice.
  12. Fill in the rest of your lid with a matte black shadow. Create a rough line with the shadow on/below your lower lashline
  13. Using a fluffy brush, pick up a maroon coloured shadow and apply it where the black and red meet (your crease + just below the lash line). Blend all colours together
  14. Bring the maroon shadow to the sides of your nose and onto your browbone, creating a light contour.879102811
  15. Back to the scab, cover your entire scab area with a maroon eyeshadow, using a stiff bristled brush and dabbing motions
  16. Add dimension to the scab by dabbing a black shadow along the centre of your scab- this can be as messy as you like
  17. Go back in with a purple shadow if you’ve added too much black
  18. Using your fingers, dab some maroon shadow along the outside of the scab. This will make it easier to blend the scab to our skin.
  19. Use a concealer (that is as pale as/lighter than your new skin; you can use the foundation/concealer you used to cover your face in step 2) to outline your scab. Use a concealer brush to blend the scab and concealer together
  20. Apply another outline of concealer, this time focusing on blending it in with the rest of your skin.
  21. To balance out my face, I applied the concealer along my cheeks on the right side of my face, along the bridge of my nose and the high points of my forehead (above each eyebrow) (you can use a highlighter instead)1213141516171819
  22. Using a fluffy brush, I used a mixture of maroon, dark brown and blue eyeshadows to contour. Contour along the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline and your temples; as well as the center of your forehead (create a small circle), the sides of your nose and browbone
  23. Blend all contouring with a clean fluffy brush
  24. Apply some concealer onto the lips + blend until your lips are the same colour as your face
  25. Dab some dark eyeshadow (I used the same mix of shadows used to contour) on the centre of your lips
    If your scab meets your mouth like mine does, add some maroon and black to the corner of your mouth to blend your mouth and scab together.202122232429
  26. Apply some fake blood to the corners of your mouth (messily) as well as in any gaps in the cotton wool. If you can’t find fake blood, use dark red lipstick instead (try to get one with a brown tint) or make some yourself! (The internet has an abundance of fake blood DIYs)
    If your fake blood is a really bright red, add some black shadow to make it look dried up and nasty.
  27. Lighten up the rest of your skin (arms & legs) using face paint + water or BB cream/ foundation + moisturiser (if you’re using an old BB cream like I am)25262730


  • Stick a pair of creepy contacts in yo eyes
  • If you have naturally curly lashes, apply some mascara on ’em the opposite way you normally would. (8:25 of the video)
  • Create scabs on your arms and legs
  • Rub fake blood on your hands, making sure to get into dem nails
  • Add baby powder to your hair to whiten it and dry it out


I wasn’t willing to commit to ruining any of my clothes, but if you have any clothes you don’t wear anymore, drip some fake blood on it and maybe even create some holes. I chose to wear a floral CottonOn dress. The pattern looks quite dull and vintage-y, and more importantly the silhouette is simple and conservative. If you look at modern day zombie interpretations (e.g. The Walking Dead or Warm Bodies), the zombies tend to wear simple, old school clothing (long sleeve dresses, shirts and pants…).
On my feet, I paired some calf high socks with tattered booties. Blood stained ruffle socks would add a creepy-cute touch.

Check out the completed zombie look in the “photoshoot”, Apocalypse.



Much love,
– Fush

PS| Stay tuned for another Halloween tutorial next week!


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