For some reason I brought my sketchbook and fineliners to church on Sunday, but not my house keys.
So, I spent service and the half hour I was locked out of my house (fortunately my ancient apartment complex has a restaurant- that sells coconuts!) inking up this thang.


This is by far one of the fastest pieces I’ve produced. Usually I dilly dally with the initial sketching, but this time I managed to get down good, clean pencil guidelines [by actually thinking about where I was putting my pencil instead of letting a million strokes loose] and using fine liners (0.1, 0.5 and 0.8) meant once I drew a line, it was there and done and that was it.



I’m not sure where the idea for this piece came from, but upon trying to come up with a title for this post, my inner English/Art class bullshitter came through.

 1. a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles.
“the cold air has no pollution and very little haze”
synonyms: mist, fog, cloud, smog

Here in Singapore the haze has been really bad over the past few weeks, maybe even months. We’ve had the haze before, but never like this. There’s so much grey fog you can’t see any hint of clouds or blue sky or heck, even the high-rise buildings you know are a few kilometres from you. On Monday, we were asked to stay inside at recess because the PSI was too high.

Now that’s some contemporary post-apocalyptic young-adult fiction shit right there.

I guess the girl’s windswept hair scattered with flowers reminded me of the beauty of the natural world that seemed to be slipping away when I’d look outside my window and see nothing but a thick, grey wall of pollution.
but really i just kinda felt like drawing that day.

Much love, God bless, and make sure you enjoy the clouds, the rain and the sky.



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