Redemption Cupcakes. (i forgot my dad’s birthday)

Remember that time I forgot my dad’s birthday?

Oh right that was two days ago.

So I may have come home from dance on Thursday to my wonderful father making dinner for my mum and I, when my mum said “have you wished your dad happy birthday yet?”

I hadn’t.

Infact, I had completely forgotten! Giftless, cardless, and a horrible daughter, today I set myself on a mission to make it up to him. Okay, that may have overhyped it… just cupcakes guys, no flash mobs or laser light shows.


These are delicious banana and chocolate cupcakes (recipe from the Primrose Bakery), topped with the 2 ingredient Milo icing I showed you guys last month!

Scraping together the ingredients for this recipe was the result of fairly good luck. My mum had brought home two bananas just the other day (I’m really not sure why) and fortunately one was left over. The recipe called for four bananas, but I really didn’t need to make twelve cupcakes anyway, so I quartered the recipe. As a result, I had measurements such as 62.5 grams of caster sugar and 43.75 grams of dark chocolate. Needless to say, I wasn’t very precise.
I found about 30 grams worth of unsalted butter tucked away in the fridge, essentially the 31.25 grams of unsalted butter I needed. It had been a while since its purchase, which meant ‘creaming’ it with an electric hand mixer only spat sugar and butter all over the bench.

Many sugar grains, butter chunks and flour bits later (a typical cooking-Rochelle occurrence, I cleaned and washed up though! 😉 ), four cupcake cases were filled with the mixture, cooked and cooled. My dad doesn’t adore very sweet things, so I drizzled the icing over three of the cupcakes while they were on the wire rack, paper towel underneath. With a lot of icing left over, I loaded up the leftover cupcake, sprinkled on some almonds I chopped (and therefore littered all over the floor) and enjoyed.

IMG_0688 IMG_0690

Unfortunately, I can’t give you guys the cupcake recipe as it isn’t mine, however I really recommend the Primrose Bakery recipe book it came from! The recipes are simple yet creative, with heaps of interesting and traditional cupcakes to choose from. If you’re only beginning to get into baking, I think it’s a good buy (plus it isn’t an expensive book) as you’ll get used to the typical techniques and ingredients used in baking and build your cooking instincts.


Although my dad is not one for receiving gifts, I won’t accept that “my love is enough”.

no dad. that’s unacceptable.

Let me know what you do if you forget a friend or family member’s birthday below! (Usually I’m just like OH, what?! It’s your birthday?! Shit I didn’t know! ah I’m sorry I wasn’t, I mean I just I didn’t know I was just um I uh Iloveyou.)

Much love and God bless,




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