Thanks for checking out TRF! Unfortunately, this blog is no longer active, but fortunately, BLKROOM is,

and the content’s so much better.

I hope you check it out and let Susie and I know what you think!

Well hey, I’m Rochelle, somehow nicknamed “Fishy” in 8th grade.
Allow me to inform you a tad on this mystical mash of recipes, art, and video.

  • I’m a fifteen year old girl born and bred in New Zealand; currently living an incredibly blessed life in Singapore surrounded by people from all over the world.
  • I have an undeniable interest in visual arts, photography, dance, film, music, home design, writing, fashion, people, social history, the human mind and much much more.

TheRochelleFish is the place where I can share these passions with you; from art to tutorials to food to media obsessions (Game of Thrones/Orphan Black/AHS) to some funny gif I saw on imgur.
And so, I invite you to join/observe my quest to make art, enjoy life, be a better person, give to others, and share my passions with the world.

You can currently find me on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, [life’s too short for too many social media accounts] or you can follow this blog via email to receive updates when I post!
All links are always in the sidebar ➫

I started off making YouTube videos, but I have stopped temporarily [see why here]. With my love of YouTube and film, however, I hope to be back soon.

Thanks you so much for reading and taking even a vague interest in what’s here 🙂
God bless and much love,

– Rochelle



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