World War

It’s amazing that after countless civil wars and even two world wars, the black and white photos of dirty men, homeless children and strewn bodies unrecognisable from other weapon debris that we associate with war can still be seen in living, breathing colour today.




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fred astaire’s the man for you

bubbly and infectious, yet chill with a sprinkle of heartache.

the perfect song to dance in your room to.



I’ve been doing some face studies of the one and only Maisie Williams [as Arya Stark] for an upcoming piece (and by “upcoming”, you best believe it’ll be at least a few months before you and I see the finished product, I am not. a fast. worker.) and though this was supposed to be a quick sketch, this one turned out pretty good!

Hope you all are well! [and if you’re in exam season, I hope you’re working hard and taking some breaks! (as i’m clearly doing- well, the latter)]

All I Want

This song has shared many moments with me this past week.
Moments of pure joy through the sheer vulnerability of the track; moments of anger released through the passion you can hear in each line; moments of feeling as if I’m in a music video and mouth the lyrics like theres some camera following me like whodoithinkiam; moments of sadness recalling each heartbreaking moment of The Fault In Our Stars (Ansel, Shailene, WHY).

Outfits of the Month- June

Throughout June my life was jam packed with schoolwork, but at the same time each week presented me with an opportunity to celebrate and spend quality time with friends.

4 weeks. 4 parties. 3 outfits + this one.

Let me know if you guys would like to see more fashion related videos or more of anything else!

Much love,


Don’t Stop

While staying at my friend Ameya’s place in Melbourne for a few days, we have collectively developed an unhealthy obsession with the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Just last week I assumed they were just another boyband famous for having nice faces and singing love songs, but I have now realised they are a group of young, amazingly talented, funny, asdfgjshdheks, cool people.

who have nice faces and sing love songs.

Checkout our one take cover of their song Don’t Stop!

A new video will be up soon!

Much love,


you know the drill.

I hope you’ve all been well and had a fantastic May! Mine was filled with growth and journey and I can’t wait to see what June will bring (though I’m simultaneously very sad that we’re pretty much half way into the year and my childhood is continuously coming to an end).

Hope you’re all pumped for the holidays!

Much love,


April Favourites!

I’ve never been the type of person to “obsess over things”. When I was younger, I never understood why girls dove so deep into fads or how they could become so invested in such simple things.

turns out i’ve become that person.

Inspiration grunge/indie images from
Free People & Spell Designs (00:47)
Good “detox water” recipes here & here
(blogilates is amazing for other healthy recipes aswell!)
Sky Ferreira
Spotify Playlist:

Pentatonix Official Channel & Vlog Channel

For more updates on what I love when I start loving it, make sure to check back on this space and follow me on Instagram & Twitter (links ➫)

Much love,

Fire & Blood




If you’ve seen my December Favourites then you should know I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. What you don’t know is that I’m actually a superdupermegahardcoreobsessive fan of Game of Thrones.

After having devoured half of the book, A Game of Thrones, in four days (which is a pretty big deal considering the novel is five years long and the font size was chosen for ants), watched the two released episodes of season four (twice each)- which were *perfection*- and changed all my backgrounds to GoT-related images *deep gasp for air*, I was inspired to draw a little something up.

It’s a take on the sigil of the house that if you don’t support, I almost don’t trust you. Here’s a sneak peek!


Sorry it’s a crappy photo, but that adds to the mystery 😉 [sure yeah lets go with that]

The full piece will be posted when it’s completed ☻ In the meantime, if you don’t follow GoT, make sure you check it out! It has fantasy, action and, uh, other elements and is beautifully acted and written.



Much love & valar morghulis bitches!