half moon in manual

 To defend my lack of studying, I’ve been coming up with some jewellery designs over the weekend to make me feel more ‘productive’. Though I didn’t come up with an abundance of designs, it gave me an awesome opportunity to continue practicing  shooting in manual mode on my camera.

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World War

It’s amazing that after countless civil wars and even two world wars, the black and white photos of dirty men, homeless children and strewn bodies unrecognisable from other weapon debris that we associate with war can still be seen in living, breathing colour today.




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For some reason I brought my sketchbook and fineliners to church on Sunday, but not my house keys.
So, I spent service and the half hour I was locked out of my house (fortunately my ancient apartment complex has a restaurant- that sells coconuts!) inking up this thang.

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I’ve been doing some face studies of the one and only Maisie Williams [as Arya Stark] for an upcoming piece (and by “upcoming”, you best believe it’ll be at least a few months before you and I see the finished product, I am not. a fast. worker.) and though this was supposed to be a quick sketch, this one turned out pretty good!

Hope you all are well! [and if you’re in exam season, I hope you’re working hard and taking some breaks! (as i’m clearly doing- well, the latter)]

“Glacier Point”

Not only can Kinsey perfectly capture moments with people, but she sure as hell has a knack for landscapes.

glacier point yosemite california wedding engagement lifestyle photographer photography glacier point yosemite california wedding engagement lifestyle photographer photography-13 glacier point yosemite california wedding engagement lifestyle photographer photography-15

How she creates such ‘flat’ looking black and white shots while still maintaining a high contrast is beyond me.

Check out the rest of her shots here.
(+ she also makes awesome DIYs!)

[All shots stolen from Sincerely, Kinsey.]


Fire & Blood




If you’ve seen my December Favourites then you should know I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. What you don’t know is that I’m actually a superdupermegahardcoreobsessive fan of Game of Thrones.

After having devoured half of the book, A Game of Thrones, in four days (which is a pretty big deal considering the novel is five years long and the font size was chosen for ants), watched the two released episodes of season four (twice each)- which were *perfection*- and changed all my backgrounds to GoT-related images *deep gasp for air*, I was inspired to draw a little something up.

It’s a take on the sigil of the house that if you don’t support, I almost don’t trust you. Here’s a sneak peek!


Sorry it’s a crappy photo, but that adds to the mystery 😉 [sure yeah lets go with that]

The full piece will be posted when it’s completed ☻ In the meantime, if you don’t follow GoT, make sure you check it out! It has fantasy, action and, uh, other elements and is beautifully acted and written.



Much love & valar morghulis bitches!


November Favourites

Another month, another load of favourites. Leggo.


AAAAnd here are some extra faves!

laure07 laure08 laure09

First is Laure de Sagazan’s 2014 collection of wedding dresses. Not only are the dresses stunning, but the photography is breathtaking. It’s so easy to lose your self in the warm, breezy, elegance; with a touch of indie.

silhouettes-3 silhouettes-6

Next is blogger Kinsey Mhire’s collection of photos titled silhouettes. These photos seem to perfectly capture a moment in time, frozen in such a perfected imperfect way. shiverrrssss

060 010 p1 043

Diving back into the world of fashion, I present to you Confezioni Crosby’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The clothing has a stunningly effortless quality to it- simple but with great shape and detail. These shots were taken in Rome, evident in their rural, rustic quality. Fun, playful, but still stunning, this collection is a great source of inspiration for future lookbooks!

Ahhhh Passion Pit. Not only is this song catchy, but the music video has been done sooo well- edited, acted and subtitled 😉
Just watch.

Finally, I thought this post from Imgur was tres cute and I loled.

I enjoy this gif too.

Happy December!

Much love,
– Fish

(Images from Miss Moss, Sincerely Kinsey & Confezioni Crosby | For details about the favourites mentioned in the video, go to the video’s description box on YouTube)