you know the drill.

I hope you’ve all been well and had a fantastic May! Mine was filled with growth and journey and I can’t wait to see what June will bring (though I’m simultaneously very sad that we’re pretty much half way into the year and my childhood is continuously coming to an end).

Hope you’re all pumped for the holidays!

Much love,



GRWM: Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day was the other day.

Here’s how I got ready.

I spent my Sunday with mum and dad; we went to church then popped over to Jamie’s Italian for an amazingly delicious lunch.

I hope you had a good weekend spent with family/friends/quality alone time and if you’d like to see more GWRMs/OOTDs, let me know!

Much love,


April Favourites!

I’ve never been the type of person to “obsess over things”. When I was younger, I never understood why girls dove so deep into fads or how they could become so invested in such simple things.

turns out i’ve become that person.

Inspiration grunge/indie images from
Free People & Spell Designs (00:47)
Good “detox water” recipes here & here
(blogilates is amazing for other healthy recipes aswell!)
Sky Ferreira
Spotify Playlist:

Pentatonix Official Channel & Vlog Channel

For more updates on what I love when I start loving it, make sure to check back on this space and follow me on Instagram & Twitter (links ➫)

Much love,

Spring Haul!

oops i bought more clothes


Saw something you liked? Here’s the stuff I could find!

Basic B/W Striped Tee
Light Flowy Cropped Tank // Similar items here & here
Highwaisted Shorts // Similar-ish
Floral Shorts // Similar Cut .:. Similar Print
Necklace // Similar style here & here
H A I R  T I E S
Babydoll Tiered Dress
My Little Pony Jumper
Lipstick in Depth

I hope you’re all well and for those of you that are back at school, I feel your pain.

Much love,
– ⧑⦊

Geometric-ish Nails

I was bored and decided to paint my nails.

while watching The Dark Knight Rises.

just thought I’d add that in there.


to do dis I started with a basecoat then applied two coats of Urban Outfitter’s Smush
to add a ‘lil texture, I lightly sponged on some white polish, then gold polish using a bit off of a make up sponge and tweezers
I finished off with some black polish, a little nail art brush and some patience
(+ a topcoat to seal everything in!)

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer/winter/non-existent season (#equatorproblems)

Much love,

December/2013 Favourites!

The last favs video of 2013, uploaded on the last day of 2013.

Aaand as promised, here are some additional faves ^^

Oh my, who knew a warmer screen could improve your life so much! This nifty *free* app thingy adjusts your
computer screen so that when the sun sets in the country you’re in, you’re screen has a warm orange-y tint. At first it’s a bit strange, but you’ll soon realise how much stress and strain on your eyes is relieved during your late night interweb adventures. It doesn’t sound amazing, but just try it and your life will be a little bit better. Trust me.

There isn’t much else I’ve been loving around the web, except for a few imgur posts (here and here), including this 2013-made classic.

I hope you’ve all had a fantabulous 2013, and if not, we’re in 2014 now. Everything that’s happened this past year is behind us. Apologise to who you need to apologise to, forgive who you need to forgive- even if it’s yourself- and start doing what you know in your heart you should be doing.

wow so deep

Here’s to another adventure!

Much love & God bless,

DIY Zombie Scabs + Make Up

Hey everyone!

Here’s my first ever make up tutorial, and it’s just a little bit extreme.

A bit.

“Photoshoot” here!

Step by step heree

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September Favourites!

Hey guys!

It’s the end of the month… and almost the end of the year!
We’re almost into October now, a month I honestly hadn’t really thought to exist at all as part of 2013.

Anywho, here are somethings I’ve been enjoying for the past month!

Be sure to share any of your new discoveries in the comments 😉

Much love,

The 5.

Hay thur errybahdy.

Today I’m coming to you with a brand new series! The 5 is a collection of 5 tips relating to art, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, apartment deco + more, all in one video. And five separate blog posts!

So here’s the video!

I’ve been planning this video in my head for the whole week, so I was thrilled to film everything today. Editing was fairly simple- and done while eating pizza and watching the All Blacks v Wallabies game :3

Instant Detangler| Quirky Vases | The Smudgeless Face | Multicoloured ButterfliesBetter Sleeping

Much love,

Sleep Easy | Tips!


I’ve struggled with falling asleep for as long as I can remember, so when BubzBeauty posted this video about getting a good night’s sleep, I had to try some of her tricks.

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