How to be a Zombie.

Step 1: Survive the global apocalypse of the planet Earth

Step 2: Find a zombie (that shouldn’t be difficult)

Step 3: Get bitten by said zombie

Note: if living in the pre-apocalyptic era, simply follow this tutorial for similar results- minus the living-dead part.

Happy Halloween!






This spring we’ve been seeing the traditional florals in cooler, resort-style shades as well as black and white colour-blocking and geometric prints. Sooo, I came up with a fairly simple nail design inspired by this spring’s trends.


If you don’t have a striper brush or dotting tool, watch the linked cutepolish videos for a full DIY tutorial!

Much love & happy painting ☻

– Fush ☀


Geometric-ish Nails

I was bored and decided to paint my nails.

while watching The Dark Knight Rises.

just thought I’d add that in there.


to do dis I started with a basecoat then applied two coats of Urban Outfitter’s Smush
to add a ‘lil texture, I lightly sponged on some white polish, then gold polish using a bit off of a make up sponge and tweezers
I finished off with some black polish, a little nail art brush and some patience
(+ a topcoat to seal everything in!)

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer/winter/non-existent season (#equatorproblems)

Much love,

DIY Boho/Tribal Headchains 3 Ways

Summer is here for the southern hemisphere, meaning we can ditch the beanies for some floppy hats and head chains.


Plain Headchain
Simple & easily made and styled

You will need:

  • Faux feather(s)
  • Leather clamps
  • Chain (I stole some of mine off old necklaces)
  • Jump rings (big + small)
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Mod Podge + foam brush
  • Eyelet setter/punch + eyelets (available at most craft stores) [optional]
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail polish [optional]
  • String
  • Bowl of water + acrylic paint [optional]


  1. Start by attaching a leather clamp to the end of your faux feather
  2. Bend the spine of your feather with your fingers (so it sits nicely on your head) and smooth out the barbs of yo feather
  3. If you want to colour your feather, fill a bowl with water and drip acrylic paint into it. Dip your feather in the paint and play around with colouring the feather. NOTE: scraping the bottom of the bowl with the feather will add more paint, while swirling it around or simply dipping it in the water will remove paint; + your feather will shrink in size a bit after this step.
    Leave to dry.


  4. Cover your feather with a thin coat of Mod Podge. This will make it water-proof and pliable.
    Leave to dry.
  5. Using an eyelet punch, pierce a hole near the top of your feather (not too close to the tip, or you risk ripping your feather). Insert an eyelet + set. Alternatively, you can simply snip a hole with a pair of scissors (be cautious here!) and seal the hole with some clear polish.

    34 512

  6. Take some chain and measure it around your head, then cut to size.
  7. Create a loop by joining to two lengths of chain together with a jump ring.
  8. Place the loop of chain on your head (+ adjust if it doesn’t sit right) and use string to measure how long the centre part of your headchain will be. Cut to size.
  9. Tape both ends of the piece of string to a flat surface and use it to measure + cut the piece of chain to go in the centre of your headchain. Remember that the feather is going in the centre aswell, therefore the length of the piece of string = length of feather + centre piece of chain. (This is better explained in the video -.- comment if theres anything you don’t understand!)
  10. Use a large jump ring (or stud!) to join the tip of the feather to your centre chain piece.

    78 1013

  11. Use jump rings to attach the feather and chain ends of your centre chain piece to your loop of chain.



Braided Band
Quirky, rustic and easily individualised

You will need:

  • Any three things to braid together. I used:
    Leather cord
    Embroidery thread
  • Wire (I used 26 gauge)
  • Needle [optional]


  1. Start by cutting a length of one of the elements you’re going to braid; I started with the leather cord. This should be slightly longer than you want the final braid to go across your head.
  2. Cut your other elements to the same length. I cut a piece of chain and embroidery thread that had been folded a few times.
  3. I wanted the chain to be more interesting, so I threaded a piece of embroidery thread (that was twice the length of the chain) through the chain using a needle.
    (Watch the video if you want to see how to do this, it’s super easy!)
  4. To bind the three element together, cut a piece of wire roughly 20cm long
  5. Grip the wire in pliers about 5cm from one end of the wire. Fold the wire over one of the prongs so that both ends of the wire are facing the same direction. Hold the wire firmly and begin twisting the wire using the pliers.
  6. Remove the pliers and align the wire with the three elements you’re braiding. Wrap the remaining wire around the elements (remember, this can be as messy as you like, or tight and neat 🙂 ). Before you have wrapped the wire completely, use the pliers to create a loop at the end of the wire so it won’t poke you, then wrap it completely.

    1517 1816

  7. Braid errythang together
  8. Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 for the other end of the braid.
  9. Using a jump ring, attach a length of chain to one end of the braid (loop it through the uh… loop in the wire)
  10. Measure the braid + chain combo around your head to see how long the chain needs to be
  11. Cut the chain to size then cut it in half. Attach the other half to the other end of the braid using a jump ring.
  12. Use a large jump ring to join the feather to one of the elements in your braid and a small jump right to join both halves of the headband to the centre chain.



Tribal Band
Inspired by the headdresses of the Red Indians

You will need:

  • Embroidery thread of various colours (I used orange, yellow, purple, turquoise and white)
  • Clear polish


  1. Using different coloured embroidery thread, knot up a friendship bracelet. Friendship bracelets use up a lot of thread, so I would recommend using more thread than you think you’ll need (better to be safe then sorry)
    I created my own random pattern using 14 strands of thread. If you don’t know how to make a friendship bracelet, here are the basics, or check this tutorial out.
  2. Instead of tying your ‘bracelet’ off, use leather clamps.


  3. Trim excess thread and prevent fraying/strands coming loose from the clamp by sealing the strands with clear polish (be careful not to stick the thread to the clamp in the process, you need the hole in the clamp to attach the chain!)


  4. Create the rest of your head chain like in the braided version above.



For details on outfits and jewelry, check out the description box of the video a la YouTube.


Much love,

DIY Zombie Scabs + Make Up

Hey everyone!

Here’s my first ever make up tutorial, and it’s just a little bit extreme.

A bit.

“Photoshoot” here!

Step by step heree

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DIY | Vintage Wooden Signs

Hi guys!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make rustic wooden signs, inspired by vintage pallet signs. What’s great about this DIY is that it’s an easy task no matter what your artistic skill level is! Your sign could be plain white with ‘paradise’ on it, or just ‘hi’ or baby pink with a flower in the center, or just a circle.
No matter what you want to paint, I’m here to give you some tips that’ll make creating a vintage masterpiece much easier!

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The 5.

Hay thur errybahdy.

Today I’m coming to you with a brand new series! The 5 is a collection of 5 tips relating to art, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, apartment deco + more, all in one video. And five separate blog posts!

So here’s the video!

I’ve been planning this video in my head for the whole week, so I was thrilled to film everything today. Editing was fairly simple- and done while eating pizza and watching the All Blacks v Wallabies game :3

Instant Detangler| Quirky Vases | The Smudgeless Face | Multicoloured ButterfliesBetter Sleeping

Much love,

Quirky Vases Apartment Deco


When I was in Quebec for a holiday, I tried my first Orangina. I loved it. And the bottle, not going to lie. I was looking for some way to incorporate the bottle to my room and thought, why not use it as a vase?


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(Easter) Sock Bunny Tutorial!

Hello everyone! For many of us, Easter is tomorrow; beginning the 3 or 4 days many of us will spend with family and friends.
Just like Christmas, many young kids won’t fully understand the meaning of Easter, making it merely a time where chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs galore. And there’s nothing wrong with this, as long as when they are older they understand what they are celebrating.

In the meantime, these cute, colourful bunnies  are sure to brighten up any Easter celebration (it’s not customary to give during Easter, but why not?) and the best part? They’re so easy to make and with a sewing machine, (which I couldn’t use because my socks were forever shedding fluff) they can be completed in less than half an hour.

Step by step instructions under video

You will need:

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Dream Catcher Nails

In the end I took off the microbeads placed just above the feathers, having just one in the centre of the ‘web’ looks nicer in my opinion. (:

Have fun with this tutorial! Use whatever colours you want when ombre-ing, if using darker colours, skip the ‘fading’ [with white polish] step and instead paint your dream catcher with white polish.

If you think it would be a bit challenging to paint the dream catcher, or if you want a more dainty and delicate result, use acryllic paint instead of nail polish.

Much love,