This Isn’t Goodbye

For the past few days I have been putting off writing this post because I had assumed that it had to be written at the right time, and that moment hadn’t come yet. I thought that writing this post would mean finally and definitely letting go, that it would mean something I loved would be truly dead, gone and forgotten forever. And I thought that would make me sad.
As I clicked the text box to start writing this post just a few seconds ago, however, I realised how exciting and utterly anything but solemn this post will be

I will no longer be posting on this blog, as the month of absence would suggest. In it’s place, however, comes a new blog that I am so incredibly excited for you all to see. After contacting me about starting her own channel, I asked my friend Susie if she would like to start a blog together. The next day, we began working on the site and today (only four days later),  BLKROOM is looking chic as hell and already has many posts for your viewing pleasure! (some of which you may recognise from this blog!)

I have been juggling with the thought of leaving either blogging or YouTube behind for 2015, but I am overjoyed to share that this year will see not only the start of a bigger, much better blog, but also the return of TRF on YouTube! My channel will be up and running very soon and I know that this is the start of much better content on the TRF channel.

God has blessed me incredibly with the chance to collaborate and therefore share more content with you guys and I am so incredibly grateful for all of the support you’ve given me throughout the journey of the TRF blog. Oddly, I’m relieved to leave this blog behind- my heart was no longer in it, making it difficult to post- and I am so thankful and excited for the opportunity to start fresh here in the blogging world and on YouTube, and I hope you’ll join me in this new chapter!

Much love, God bless, and I’ll see you over there 😉

– Fush.



hi, impromptu 1:00am post here,

I just wanted to check in with you all. I’m not sure how many of you are out there, but you may have noticed that I have not posted anything on YouTube or my blog in a long while.

I decided a while ago that I would stop making YouTube videos, or at least the beauty/fashion ones. I could write an entire post on why I made this decision, but essentially I knew God had a different plan for me, and the realisation that I didn’t want “fashion” and “beauty” to comprise such a big part of my life made that decision easier. I still love a lot of aspects about the world of fashion, but I felt that what I was wearing, what new products I could buy, and other materialistic thoughts were always at the front of my mind, when all of it is unnecessary bullshit. Life is about balance, and constant thoughts about appearance and possession isn’t balance.

Nevertheless, I still love the video platform Continue reading

Editing is taking forever and all my assignments decided to be due this week (i have poor planning skills).

Sorry for no video last weekend! Hopefully I’ll get one up next week 🙂

In the meantime, checkout some of my recent posts ➫

xo fush


Sorry I haven’t talked to you guys this week, I guess I haven’t really found anything exciting to share with y’all. I have quite a few DIY blog posts planned, however, and this weeks video should be coming up shortly.

i hope.

sick of your shit


Thanks for sticking around ☻



So.. today’s the final day of 2013, huh.

that kinda sucks.

While New Years is a time for new starts and new beginnings, it also means a new school year, more exams, assignments, and all the other stresses of being extremely blessed with a good education.


In all seriousness, 2013 has been an incredible year of transformation for me. Relationships have been formed,others changed, mostly for the better; my teenage self has visited all corners of the emotional spectrum; my knowledge in all aspects of everything has grown; I had a birthday; so did Jesus (woo); I’ve learned to be thankful for having two parents united in my life who’ve provided me with food, water, shelter, love and indulgences in excess; I have a few extra stamps on my passport; and, thanks to you guys, I’ve gained over 300 subscribers.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who’s ever liked or commented on one of my videos, and big love to my almighty God who’s blessed me far beyond what I deserve 🙂



Pin Up


It’s the end of the year and like every year, we throw out our calendars without a second thought. But have you ever wished some of the art from your calendars could be on your wall for more than a mere month? Well, why not?

Rip or cut the art from your calendar out of the… well.. calendar. Find a suitable frame (mine was a simple A4 sized one from Daiso [$2]) then hang it up!


Calendar art doesn’t fit in the frame? View the next tip!

Fitting Frames


Want to frame something but the frame is just a tad too big? Card will be your saviour.

Cut a piece of card to the size of your frame (use the backboard or glass of the frame as a template). Place the art in the centre of the card and measure how wide the card border will be. Mine measured 2.5 cm in width along the width of the card and 2cm in width along the length of the card. Rule guidelines for the widths of your border then cut using scissors (or a pen knife if you want to preserve the centre of the card). Place your card border in the frame, then place the art in the frame as well. Adjust the art so that it is in the centre of the card border, then put the backboard of the frame back in place + hang.



TIP: the thicker the card, the fancier it’ll look.