Smudgeless Make Up


Okay. I have complained about the weather in Singapore a gazillion times.

and I’m goin’ do it again.

For the first half of this year I’ve been coming home to see that my make up has melted off my face. I’ve been experimenting by switching out products but nothing has kept my skin calm and make up on.

Until I read this post by TheBeautyDepartment. I absolutely depend on TBD for easy, professional beauty tips, and this one has pretty much saved my life.


Set your powder, pressed or loose (I use pressed), with a flat foundation brush. This keeps my mascara from dripping, eyeliner from smudging and face from dropping off. (25+ degrees on a daily basis!)

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Thriftin’ | For the first time

Hey guys!
Today’s post is coming in a little late, but I’m trying to  reserve weekends for YouTube + blog stuffs, and weekdays for the shitload of school work I get per day.
A few Saturdays ago, Gabi and I went to the Salvation Army. This was our first ever thrifting experience, so make sure you check out what we found!
Plus, you can check out what we were wearing that fine day (matching shorts, in fact) as well as some bloopers!
If you want to see more hauls, vlogs and/or OOTD’s, make sure you tell me! (Lets face it, there are always too many bloopers to not put them in a video when Gabi and I are together.)
Stay tuned for some home/apartment deco + beauty tips!
Much love,
(Apologies for the spacing, the paragraphing doesn’t seem to be showing up :/ -and nothing annoys me more than posts with no paragraphs ahah 😉 )