Staying Sane and Stress Survival


We all go through stressful times in our lives. Usually, exams are a blast for me (‘study’ periods, time off school, waking up late and having to focus for only a few hours :’) ), however this time around, that hasn’t been the case. I can’t quite describe why, but I’ve been swaying back and forth across the border between “life is great” and “what’s the point in anything” for a while now. I guess it’s mix of everything, newly frequent dance classes, real exams that mean [very little but still] something, a quest to constantly be constructive and productive, and a very foggy, hormonal, not-yet-developed teenage brain.
I wouldn’t describe this situation as feeling like chaos, or a cliché whirlwind. Instead, it feels more like a wasteland. Like piles of faded-brown scraps and debris littered across a desert, as far as the eye can see; and your job is to pick up each piece of rusted metal, every last sundried magazine clipping. It feels like life is one big task that seems so impossible, filled with thousands and thousands of little things we must do… Yeah, the teenage heart ain’t fond of responsibility.

Despite it all (oh, this difficult first world teenage life we live), we push through; and here are somethings that have been keeping sane/happy/alive: Continue reading


Fitting Frames


Want to frame something but the frame is just a tad too big? Card will be your saviour.

Cut a piece of card to the size of your frame (use the backboard or glass of the frame as a template). Place the art in the centre of the card and measure how wide the card border will be. Mine measured 2.5 cm in width along the width of the card and 2cm in width along the length of the card. Rule guidelines for the widths of your border then cut using scissors (or a pen knife if you want to preserve the centre of the card). Place your card border in the frame, then place the art in the frame as well. Adjust the art so that it is in the centre of the card border, then put the backboard of the frame back in place + hang.



TIP: the thicker the card, the fancier it’ll look.