On The Go

As a young teenager growing up in this impatient first-world society we have, I find myself falling into the hands of procrastination every. single. day.
But it’s not like my responsibilities in this world procrastinate with me, oh hell no. I have to actually emerge from my fish cave (my room) and be seen in public… and here comes the conflict.

As a lover of fashion and the owner of way too many clothes, I want to exploit my artisticness through what I wear.
As a teenage girl, what I wear affects how confident I am.
As a homosapien, what I wear affects how comfortable I am.
But when I’m in a rush, I have zero time to think about any of this!

So what do we do? It’s quite simple really:
Be prepared. Have some go to outfits stored in the back of your mind for different occasions!

These outfits don’t have to be as specific as “orange cat sweater and blue plaid pants”, but could instead a basic frame featuring styles you love (that you have in your wardrobe, of course), for example, “graphic sweater with patterned pants”.
And you don’t have to have a back up outfit for every single occasion possible. I found I had only five occasions that were worth while “preparing for”: a day out shopping/ hanging with friends, running an errand, going to the movies/ somewhere colder, sick days and going to a party. I don’t have go to outfits for formal events as usually I would spend at least an hour getting ready for a formal occasion 🙂

And so, here are my go to outfits!

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Thriftin’ | For the first time

Hey guys!
Today’s post is coming in a little late, but I’m trying to  reserve weekends for YouTube + blog stuffs, and weekdays for the shitload of school work I get per day.
A few Saturdays ago, Gabi and I went to the Salvation Army. This was our first ever thrifting experience, so make sure you check out what we found!
Plus, you can check out what we were wearing that fine day (matching shorts, in fact) as well as some bloopers!
If you want to see more hauls, vlogs and/or OOTD’s, make sure you tell me! (Lets face it, there are always too many bloopers to not put them in a video when Gabi and I are together.)
Stay tuned for some home/apartment deco + beauty tips!
Much love,
(Apologies for the spacing, the paragraphing doesn’t seem to be showing up :/ -and nothing annoys me more than posts with no paragraphs ahah 😉 )