Outfits of the Month- June

Throughout June my life was jam packed with schoolwork, but at the same time each week presented me with an opportunity to celebrate and spend quality time with friends.

4 weeks. 4 parties. 3 outfits + this one.

Let me know if you guys would like to see more fashion related videos or more of anything else!

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Summer Trends of 2014

Ahhhh the summer time. For most, that means vacations, beach time, and finally getting to take off layers of clothing.

In Singapore, where its 25-30° C on a regular basis during ‘winter’, summer means more humidity, more heat, and more hoes wearing even less clothing. #croppedcroptops

And more sweat.

which you can see in the video.

In all seriousness I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer (or winter, which I’m currently experiencing in New Zealand- my first winter in two years!) and you’re enjoying life in every aspect!

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Fall Fashion

After 10 months of 2013, the trends the runway brought us for Fall 2013 have long since left our minds.
Back when it was Autumn for the Southern Hemisphere, I made a lookbook for the season based on the trends we saw on the runway.
Metallic elements, geometric patterns and lots of black, here are some of the high fashion Fall trends translated into my wardrobe!

Make sure you read the blog post for this vid!

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Autumn Lookbook 2013

Hey everyone!
This year, fashion will be seeing the return of many trends (who would’ve guessed 😉 ), including quirky but utterly classic patterns, and the bold shade that we all secretly love.

Skip to the end of the post for bloopers and behind the scenes!

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