Redemption Cupcakes. (i forgot my dad’s birthday)

Remember that time I forgot my dad’s birthday?

Oh right that was two days ago.

So I may have come home from dance on Thursday to my wonderful father making dinner for my mum and I, when my mum said “have you wished your dad happy birthday yet?”

I hadn’t.

Infact, I had completely forgotten! Giftless, cardless, and a horrible daughter, today I set myself on a mission to make it up to him. Okay, that may have overhyped it… just cupcakes guys, no flash mobs or laser light shows.


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All I Want

This song has shared many moments with me this past week.
Moments of pure joy through the sheer vulnerability of the track; moments of anger released through the passion you can hear in each line; moments of feeling as if I’m in a music video and mouth the lyrics like theres some camera following me like whodoithinkiam; moments of sadness recalling each heartbreaking moment of The Fault In Our Stars (Ansel, Shailene, WHY).

Fitting Frames


Want to frame something but the frame is just a tad too big? Card will be your saviour.

Cut a piece of card to the size of your frame (use the backboard or glass of the frame as a template). Place the art in the centre of the card and measure how wide the card border will be. Mine measured 2.5 cm in width along the width of the card and 2cm in width along the length of the card. Rule guidelines for the widths of your border then cut using scissors (or a pen knife if you want to preserve the centre of the card). Place your card border in the frame, then place the art in the frame as well. Adjust the art so that it is in the centre of the card border, then put the backboard of the frame back in place + hang.



TIP: the thicker the card, the fancier it’ll look.

The 5.

Hay thur errybahdy.

Today I’m coming to you with a brand new series! The 5 is a collection of 5 tips relating to art, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, apartment deco + more, all in one video. And five separate blog posts!

So here’s the video!

I’ve been planning this video in my head for the whole week, so I was thrilled to film everything today. Editing was fairly simple- and done while eating pizza and watching the All Blacks v Wallabies game :3

Instant Detangler| Quirky Vases | The Smudgeless Face | Multicoloured ButterfliesBetter Sleeping

Much love,

Sleep Easy | Tips!


I’ve struggled with falling asleep for as long as I can remember, so when BubzBeauty posted this video about getting a good night’s sleep, I had to try some of her tricks.

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